Data usage and costly internet

In less than 2 weeks, my high speed data is used up. The only thing I use wifi for is my TV and I don’t even stream that much because I also have Directv. The data on my phone is faster than Viasat high speed. I’m paying $145 a month for basically 2 weeks of wifi. Due to having to sign a 2 year contract; I have to pay to cancel before that. I don’t think this company cares about the complaints due to the fact that if there’s no DSL or mobile internet available; they’re your only choice.

Hi @harris.tami.1962,

I’m sorry to hear about the bad experience you’ve had with the Viasat service.

I can take a look at your detailed usage to try to figure out what device/service could be the reason for that data usage you’ve noticed, but for that, I’d need your consent.

Do I have your permission to look at your usage?

Thank you,