Data Saver Availability Update/Experiment?


Greetings, sorry to be a Johnny Come Lately, but are there any updates on Data Saver availablity, and if not, would it be possible to also join said experiment? I run an Airbnb and making sure that my guests have data when/where they need it is a high priority to me! Thanks in advance!

Hi, @getawaysbyezer,

Sure, I’ll activate the Data Saver for you in a moment. As soon as the process is completed I’ll send you a direct message with more details.


@getawaysbyezer, in order to complete the activation, please fill out this form:

Hi, @getawaysbyezer,

Thanks for filling out the form. I just activated the Data Saver for you.

I sent you more details in a direct message (you can check it here).

Thank you so much Anderson, the form has been filled out!

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Thank you for that!

I’ll happily provide any feedback that would be helpful and I appreciate the opportunity to participate in the experiment!

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