Data Overage Each and Every Month

I have had Viasat for several years and each month by the 7th day of my billing cycle I am over the high speed data usage… and we do not stream or do any gaming! It is so frustrating! I also just found out that I have been billed for the last 10 months $99.99 for the 69.99 package; when I called to ask about it they just upgraded me to the $99.99 package and said “I am so sorry but you should have been keeping an eye on the prices and our plan changes.” I find the internet to be very slow and the customer service even worse!

Hi @dunn22473 ,

We do not deal with billing issues here in the forum as we are a technical team, but if you want us to take a look into your data usage, you can give us your consent to look into your detailed usage and we can provide you a detailed report and investigate if there’s anything abnormal in your usage.