Data extender discontinued

I had no problem with the data extended and I could use my account efficiently. Now, I burn through my data so quickly while streaming less shows.

I was satisfied with my plan and appreciate the new plans that offer higher data caps and lower prices, but without the data extender, this change is a huge step backwards. I’ll be looking for other service options.

Please reinstate the data extender!

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@Nl3jmff sorry to hear this. Did you try setting video quality manually as per How do I manually set video quality at streaming video sites?? I know many on this forum have complained that this is difficult and in some cases (Roku TV and Hulu is an example) not possible but for some it seems to be working. The main benefit of this approach is that it doesn’t cause buffering/pausing of the video.

As I mentioned in other threads, we are working on something to help those who want the Extender back. I will direct message you about it.

Also, can we get consent to look at your usage? We might be able to find something to help manage it better.


I have Roku and can only go down to 720 resolution. I could not find anything in the apps to let me adjust resolution, so your recommendations don’t work for Roku. Also during the NFL season I stream games with NFL+ wish also does not have resolution control. The data extender helped mitigate these problems.

For those that had problems with vde, couldn’t they just turn it off?

Yes you can look at my account, but reading the posts, this seems like a systemic problem, not an individual issue.

If you need volunteers to test a new video extender, please count me in.

@Nl3jmff As you’re participating in the data saver feature experiment, we’re counting that as a solution to this particular topic.

I agree with Nl3jmff. I used data extender all the time to lower data usage while streaming. By removing data extender I burn through data much quicker. As for changing the resolution on the streaming services, not all of them will let you do that (HBO Max). Now we can buy more HD data…I never ran out of data in the past and now I do. It seems to be a way for Viasat to make more money.

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Hi @DeYoung,

Thank you for posting on the forum. We are currently running an experiment for a new version of the video data extender - we are calling it Data Saver Feature Experiment. Essentially, we will turn the data saver on for you and you can give us feedback about how the experience is going for you in terms of your video quality and data usage. Our goal is to refine the feature and figure out what works best for our customers.

Please let me know if you are interested and I will reach out with more details on how to participate!



Thank you for reaching out. Yes, I would be interested in participating in your experiment. I’m glad to hear that you are working on alternatives. HD and UHD streaming pulls so much data on plans that have limits on HD data. And once you burn through the HD data, streaming doesn’t want to work well – constantly buffering while your watching shows.

Please reach out with details and I’ll participate. Thank you!

Debbie Young

Hi @DeYoung thank you for your reply! I sent you a private message with the participation details.

Thank you for contacting me and yes im interested.

Hi, @ginnyjk,

Sorry, I think we ended up not seeing your last message. I sent you a private message with the details to get the data saver feature.