well you have been doing fairly good with speeds until TODAY ! WHAT HAPPENED ? my download speed is now 0.41mbps yes- zero point four one,with upload of 4.3,i can’t do anything,PLEASE FIX YOUR PROBLEM AS IT IS COSTING ME MONEY ! THANK YOU


We tried to look into your account but can’t find it based on the email associated to your forum account. I sent you a private message, if you reply there you can securely provide some more information so that we can find your account and root-cause the issue.




I’m here just to remind you to take a look at your private messages,
Nacho sent you a direct message.

Please reply to his message for us to proceed with your case.

Thank you,

do you think that you can reset my modem better than i can ? i have to do it anyway if i use you guys, so what do i gain ? more down time…thanks i’ll pass.


I completely understand your frustration.

We here in the forum can help you investigate your issue more deeply,
and try to find a solution for your problem, more than just resenting a modem or anything like that.

To proceed effectively, we kindly ask for the account information we’ve requested in our private message. This information will enable us to locate your account within our system and provide you with targeted assistance.

We understand if you choose not to keep going with our assistance, but you can let us know if that changes!

Thank you,