Customer Service? - They Don’t Care

I just spent over an hour on the phone waiting for customer service to voice my frustration with the lack of support and help in my issue. Discovered Data Saver has been removed and I received no notice.

I had looked through all my emails from Viasat for the last 4 months and no mention of Data Saver going away.

I explained my concerns to the rep and was told…”It’s not coming back…what do you want me to do?” I then requested a credit to my Data for the month. I was offered 10GB I said people in the forum were given 30GB and Mary from Customer Service said “No I can’t do that, is there anything else I can help with?”

I said yes please provide some help this situation is criminal. You are forcing users to spend more money with you. She replied with a canned answer about they aren’t forcing us to change plans. I said you are especially for those who who work from home and need service. To which she replied “That’s not my issue.”

This is crazy and to be honest seems like a class action suit waiting to happen.

I am looking for support for Viasat to rectify this situation and give me a reason to stay with Viasat when another option becomes available.


In response to the customers who are asking to get the Video Data Extender back, we are starting a new Data Saver Feature Experiment that involves re-enabling the feature and providing a private forum to share experiences with it. The idea is that we can work with customers to evolve a better version of the capability that will have the data savings and reduce the incidence of videos buffering/pausing that so many have complained about. Are you interested to hear more about it? If so I will message you privately.


Yes I would be interested in hearing more about this. I will do anything to get the data saver feature back.

Please reach out directly.


Ok will do in the morning.

@Cberens78 Since you’re participating in the Data Saver Feature Experiment, we’re counting that as the solution to this particular topic.

Peter, I am interested in learning more about this experiment.

Hi @drape.sally, I just sent you a private message with some instructions to participate in the experiment. Thanks.