Customer service billing

I have paid 791$ for less than two months!
I have a 119$ unlimited plan only …
Find out I’ve been paying for phone service that doesn’t work, when I tell customer service they fix the bill to show that the phone is no longer on the bill, but paid even more for the bill and shows same price for phone except named customer service fees .
I’ve worked in a call center and never witnessed such disrespect and disregard for customers!
I’ve tried reaching a supervisor several times and cut off. I am respectful and do not cuss the agents yet I’m ignored and treated as if they just don’t give two shizt! The Better Business bureau needs to be contacted.
How can you say your bill is 119$ say I’m still paying for phone 159$ plus taxes n fees does not add up to 299$
Starlink I hope has better customer service because this is really crappy company when it comes to billing and any help!!!
Pay for a phone that can’t call out regardless and still charged insane

For public knowledge, closing this topic as it is a duplicate of Billing/customer service and will be answered on that one.