Creating Account Login

I have been calling customer service for the past 4 days to create my account so that I can login. I constantly keep getting different messages about why I cannot create my login to view my statements. I have never had this issue in the past with any other company in trying to create a simple login. Whenever I try to create my account, I keep getting an error that states “your account information does not match our records.” Any help will greatly be appreciated.

Hello, @Quentin_Moncrieft,

Thanks for your message. We will check that issue for you.

I will send you a private message, so you can provide me with your account details.



Hi @Quentin_Moncrieft ,

We’ve received your message, thank you! I have already escalated your case to the accounts personnel and as soon as we get any updates we’ll let you know.


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Thanks Leo,

I’ll be looking for the update to this technical difficulty that I’m experiencing.

Best Regards,

Hi, @Quentin_Moncrieft,

Sorry for the slow response!

We find out the following: the error message you saw indicates that the ZIP code you used – when you tried to create an account – does not match the one we have in our database.

To create an account, you must provide the billing account number, zip code, and email address; these must match our records.

I will contact you over private message to confirm the zip code you need to use.



Hello Anderson,

This situation has been resolved. Thanks for responding and checking back with me. I appreciate it.