Crap all need shut down

The worst internet i have ever experienced. 5G is slow and even after the so called high speed is used up it slows way down even more. I pay right now 114 a month for crap. Why the crap should I pay for internet that you sorry idiots slow way down after so much usage. If it was for some stupid contract id be gone by now only after 2 months.

What kind of speeds are you seeing? I just ran a speedtest from your modem and saw really nice speeds:

Are you getting these kind of numbers?

That’s because we stopped running almost everything on it and have started using our Nradio router. Once we get on it, it’s slow and the other thing that is bullcrap that there is a cap after so much high speed usage that it drops down to practically nothing. If I could get out of the crap contract I would. I HATE viasat. Our little $80 Nradio works better

Not sure I can help but I will look into your account and try to see what can be done.

In the meantime, is there anything about your NRadio you do not like? I assume you are using it alongside a cellular SIM card from one of the mobile carriers? Or, is NRadio itself a virtual network operator? I am not familiar with them.

Sim card with att and runs much better than viasat. No high-speed data cap and I only pay 20 a month unlimited everything. Been perfect for gaming, streaming etc etc

That’s incredible – $20/month for fast unlimited! I’ve tried using multiple LTE services for data in the past but the plans always ended up being insanely expensive per month – much higher than the typical Viasat plan. Sounds like you are getting a great deal.

We are a technical group staffing this forum – helping customers with technical problems – but I will escalate your account closure issue in the hopes that something can be done so that you are not just paying for a service you do not use.

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Hi @Shanevladeff77 ,

We took a look at your account and noticed that you didn’t place any technical support calls since you became a customer, since there doesn’t seem to be a technical issue the early termination fees are applicable. If you are interested in troubleshooting any technical problems with your Viasat internet, our forum team is happy to help. If you have any more questions related to contract termination, please contact our customer care line at: 855-463-9333



Nacho well thanks for you’re guys desire to keep robbing my money out of my pocket, sure appreciate it. My Nradio for $20 a month works much better than your junk. After so much high speed you all shut it almost completely down and that’s crap. $114 a month for something that can’t even be used hardly. I can’t wait to get rid of your sorry incompetence. Viasat is trash and I hope you all go bankrupt

Sorry we were unable to help. Give customer care a call to talk about the fees! I hate to think you are paying for a service you are not using.