Connection drop every couple hours

My connection keeps dropping at least every 2 hours , some days its worse. I am happy with the speed and usage, but its fustrating when you lose connection while working or watching a movie etc. I have only had the service about 3 weeks and was hoping it would get better. I have rebooted the modem and still the same issue. Works great for an hours or 2 then back to the blinking white ring for a couple minutes. I didn’t realize this was what I was signing up for the next 2 years

Hi @Gcslappel would you say that these connection drops happen every 2 hours throughout the entire day or just at a specific time of day? I’ll leave a note for our team to look a bit more into your account tomorrow morning.

It happens all the time. My wife was on the phone with support this morning at 10 something and they saw that the connection had dropped 16 times already so far by that time in the morning

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Hi @Gcslappel we have escalated your issue to another team and will report back when we have some updates!

Thank you for the response, but I am really starting to feel like there is nothing to do about the issue. The satellite is up, the signal is good, the modem works, but the connection continues to drop, even once as I write this response. My wife does a lot of work from home and the dropping connection is effecting that. This has not been the “reliable” internet service I was sold. If I was told that I would constantly drop connection I would have never signed up.

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Hi @Gcslappel ,

I agree with you that the experience you are having with your internet is definitely not good. We’re conducting a deeper investigation to see what’s wrong, and we hope to come back with good news soon!


Hi @Gcslappel we have identified an issue with your modem that can’t be solved remotely. We are working with our field operations team to either schedule a technician visit or send you a new modem. I’ll hope to have an update soon. Thanks for your patience.

Hi @Gcslappel,

I noticed that the service call was completed yesterday, and I was wondering if the technician replaced the modem? Have you noticed any change in the experience?



The service call was not completed. Service was to be between 8 and 11 and received a call at 11 there was a problem at previous appointment install. I had to leave for work and could not wait into the afternoon

I understand, let me check if we can reschedule it. I’m sorry about that.

I appreciate that, this morning the modem has already gone red then white a number of times. Why can’t this just be mailed and I mail the bad one back? Or are they planning to check everything? I just need a solution as soon as possible.

Hi @Gcslappel,

We’ve talked to the relevant personnel and a new contact will be made soon to reschedule. We are sorry for the trouble and thank you very much for your understanding!


Hello Viasat- Do we have a status update for a new appointment to correct the bad modem I have?

Hi @Gcslappel I followed-up on the field services team, hope to have more information later today. The modem exchange requires an antenna repoint, so that is why the field services team recommended a technician visit. Thanks for your patience.

Hi @Gcslappel I noticed that you received a call and that a new tech visit was scheduled for tomorrow in the afternoon. We will follow-up on this thread the day after the technician visit to see if the experience has improved. Thanks.

I received a phone call from Brightstar setting up an appointment after 4pm on Thursday. Earlier today some called with poor cell phone connection saying appointment time was between 2 and 5pm . I told them I was given a time of after 4pm and I work approx 45 minutes away so if they plan to arrive earlier I need 1 hour notice.

Hi @Gcslappel I’ll add a note in the work order.

So far so good! I haven’t noticed a disconnection yet. I would like to give a extra thank you to the service tech Mario. He is a fantastic service representative for you guys in the field. Very professional and communicates his status on the day of the visit. Thank you to all of the admins in chat for helping with getting the appointment set back up and handled. You guys were very responsive with communication as well. Thank you

Greg Appel


Hey @Gcslappel,

Glad things worked out for you. Let us know if any more issues arise, but we’re pretty sure that your service call should have resolved everything. It was absolutely our pleasure to assist you!