Collections Billing Issue

Hi @Stephen_Cordle,

I am creating this topic to keep better track of your case.



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Escalating this issue to our billing team, hope to have an update soon.

Hi @Stephen_Cordle,

Our billing team found a solution for your issue. I will be sending you the details in a private message.

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No solution, I will be elevating this to better bisiness bureau. Anyone else with same issue, please do the same. Ive seen someone else with same issue. This company charges with no basis and thinks they can get away with this. Gives me a different story every time.

Hi @Stephen_Cordle ,

As we explained to you via direct messages, the charges were not baseless, but the situation with collections has been resolved.

I understand that you might feel frustrated by this, but we appreciate your understanding on the matter.


Like I said, pushing it to better business bureau. I was told the amount to pay in Mar of 22 for 0 balance. If service is suspended how am I charged for that period? You need a better billing dept. Your responses were inconsistent each response. Iā€™m glad that I have screenshots.

HI @Stephen_Cordle, I just sent you some further details via private message that will hopefully help clarify the situation.