Class action lawsuit

Has anyone been successful in starting a class action lawsuit against Viasat? If yes, please let me know.
I tried to cancel my service yesterday and asked for a one month refund. The call took over 46 minutes. Over the course of 46 minutes, I was insultingly asked 3 times if they could lower my cost to keep me as a customer. I told the viasat agent that I just wanted to please cancel my service and refund this month’s payment. The agent continued to ask each time, offering more of a discount, even after i asked him to please stop, and just cancel my service. I was not allowed to speak with a supervisor to get my refund.
Then the agent started to read a long cancellation policy in a hard-to-understand accent, so it was difficult to even hear what the cancelation policy was. It was insulting to have the agent continue and then ask me to agree to their policy.
I have had their service for over 2 years, I have tried using their support to improve my service. I even agreed to “upgrade” my plan to try and improve service, and even downloaded Viasat browser. It has performed terribly. SO I bought a hotspot about a week ago and have been using it for Teams Meetings. It has not locked up once.
I also wanted to point out that in the past, after I posted on this FORUM, they will respond and then say my issue was RESOLVED. This is FALSE!!! My issue is worse now after upgrading my plan.
My upload speeds are still terrible and my Teams Meetings still lock up when I start to speak.
I have tested my speeds over the past several months and recorded results. I have tried using my Viasat browser, Chrome, Edge, and Safari.
Today I videoed my speed tests for evidence. This morning’s upload speeds were .39. .38, and then .39 mbps.
My hotspot speed tests this morning have been as high as 3.33 mbps.
NO matter what the speed tests say, the proof is how my Teams Meetings, and my internet applications run.
My hotspot is flawless and runs well. AND, it is NOT AFFECTED by storm clouds and heavy rain.
Viasat, if you are listening, I am going to complain to BBB and not let up until you help me get a refund. Your agent treated me wrong yesterday! And it is Viasat’s fault, because of that is the way you are training them to handle to cancellation of your terrible service.


Hi @nhbayou,

I apologize profusely about this experience. Our Forum team is focused on providing technical support so we cannot directly provide a refund, however (like Anderson said in this other thread where you posted) we are happy to escalate the issue to our billing team and explain your situation. We will move forward with this and let you know when we hear back from them.

I understand that you probably already made up your mind about the disconnect, but anyway thought it could be useful for you to understand the likely causes of your technical issues.

In the past (around August 30) we asked you to run some complete speed diagnoses using the Viasat Browser because those tests will give us a full picture of the speed experience including the speeds received on your device (such as a laptop or phone) and the speeds received on your modem. Recurring results with a big discrepancy in speeds can help us identify Wi-Fi issues, just like on this example below:

We do have access to run tests from your modem, so if we see good speeds (and we did back then) we must ask the customer to run a full speed diagnosis to identify or rule-out Wi-Fi issues. For example, it would be very useful to have the speed from the modem counterpart to these speed test results you mentioned seeing this morning (below).

Some customers experience slower speeds due to network congestion in the evening hours, but based on my analysis, there is zero upload congestion in your network segment throughout the entire day, so any bad upload speeds are most likely due to Wi-Fi issues or equipment-related issues.

Regarding the issue with Microsoft Teams, our Forum team hadn’t heard about you experiencing this issue until today. Unfortunately, we do have a known issue with Teams that was recently discovered that is primarily due to geostationary satellite distance delay. We measured delays that were more than twice the regular amount when using Teams and we are currently working on optimizations to fix this.

Finally, I just tried to run a test from your modem and I’m getting an error. I realized that your modem has been constantly offline in the past few days. Our metrics indicate that there might be some issues with your cabling or equipment on the satellite dish. When seeing something of this nature, our Forum team would request a technician visit.

Thanks and sorry again about this experience,


Hi @nhbayou,

I heard back. Since you filed a BBB complaint, the team that handles those tickets will provide an update through the channels designated by BBB.



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I read your posts earlier today. As usual, Viasat puts the blame back on the customer.

As usual, Viasat responded earlier today, and tried to explain away my technical problems: that it might be my faulty equipment; or faulty installation; that I didn’t test everything Viasat wanted me to test; or high traffic times(4:30 AM??); etc.
Push the blame on others.

Bottom line is, your support had more than one chance to get this right, and I did what I was asked to do. Good speeds lasted about a day, then back to slow speeds often!

Just like the phone call yesterday, 48 minutes with your customer service trying to get a refund and cancel my service.
It is Viasat’s fault I called BBB. It’s not my fault.
Viasat’s representative could not get me a refund yesterday, and refused to let me talk to a supervisor or offer me a solution to get a refund.

Viasat could have helped me yesterday, but $124.61 is too much to refund.

Viasat could have scheduled a refund today, and then told BBB that it is resolved.
But now Viasat blames the lack of refund on me, because I reached out to the Better Business Bureau.
Now Viasat pretends they would given me a refund today, but it’s my fault.

I will NEVER recommend Viasat.

STARLINK was installed today, by me, and has great upload speeds!!!
STARLINK is less per month than Viasat.


I have had the same problem trying to talk to supervisor. They had me on the phone for over 45 minutes. Then when she did get on there she was so rude it was unbelievable. I have had nothing but problems from tje fitst day it was installed it didn’t work. You would think this forum would get them to make some huge changes. From what i read its all the same complaints


Thank you for your message. It is nice to be reassured that I am not the only one asking for refunds. I’m sorry you also had a bad experience with Viasat customer support.

Every time after talking with their support, I left the call feeling like I may be doing something wrong, or I may be the one to blame for not testing my speeds enough, or I am using my internet at busy times, etc, etc.

I asked them to send a certified technician to my house if you think my equipment or install may be faulty. They said it would cost $100+ dollars to have someone come out. Why should I pay a second time if your certified installer or equipment is a problem?

The forum has many dissatisfied customers. Why would they add injury to their customers by being disrespectful on the phone, and then refuse a simple $124.61 refund?
It appears Viasat employees are trained to fend us off and not allow us to ask for a refund. Instead they read a long dissertation about penalties if we don’t return their equipment.

Viasat owes me hours and hours of poor service refunds, interrupted service refunds, lost work refunds, etc.
I would like too pursue a class action lawsuit.

BY the way, after my last response to their agent on this forum, I received an email today that said they are processing my refund of $124.61.
Why did you refuse my request 2 days ago? Now you refund me, after trying to shame me.

I would like to pursue a class action lawsuit.
I have had 2 years of poor service.

My Starlink was easy to install, and totally outperformed my Viasat.
Starlink is working terrific.
I also tested T-Mobile hotspot.
I highly recommend giving either one a try, if you are unhappy with Viasat.
My applications run like they should!! Good luck and don’t give up until you get your refund.

If I am successful getting a class action lawsuit started, I hope to post it here for others to be aware of it.


I have had issues with Viasat for almost 2 years. I keep testing speeds and NEVER get the same readings they do. I have tried installing cameras on the outside of my property, but the upload is so load that the cameras will not connect. I have not spent a lot of time complaining, but when I have they blame everything on me.

Instead of wasting anymore time and money I am switching to Airbeam for 1/3 the cost of Viasat.
Even if Airbeam is not better, I will at least be paying for what I am getting instead of the overpriced Viasat.

Live and learn.

Let me know more about this

I just switched to starlink myself. I cant beleive the actions of viasat are still ok. I cannot beleive they are still able to blatantly lie to people.

I believe that is what we plan on doing! How good is the starlink?

It will be here in the next week, I will update asap. Reviews are very promising.

As I mentioned in my other post, I installed Starlink and it is faster than anything I have used here in the countryside outside Baton Rouge .
But I have not tested Starlink for Teams Meetings. I will try and update once I use it for online meetings. Online meetings will be the real test!

I have been running many speed tests to compare Viasat, T-Mobile and Starlink.
Starlink has performed the “fastest times. But the strange thing is, results vary between websites even when I test within 30 seconds of my last test. In other words, use Viasat’s browser and Speed test, then use Ookla Speed test, and the results can vary greatly.
Overall, Starlink is giving me as high as 115 mbps download, and 8-12 mbps upload. Viasat never tested at that level. But results varies so much that to me, the real test is how everything performs in real life.

My work videos and marketing media download and play the quickest with Starlink.
My T-mobile Hotspot actually runs a fairly close second.
Viasat is the slowest and most inconsistent.

T-Mobile hotspot ran Teams meetings well last week. Video was clear and audio was great.
Viasat locked up 3 out of 3 times with Teams Meetings.
My company insisted that I try Starlink, so this week I will try Starlink for Teams Meetings and let you how it performs this week.

Thank you for both of your responses to my posts.


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Thanks for the update.

I would consider supporting a CA lawsuit. Although, my problems and the lack of service and poor quality of the product is more a buyer beware situation. I consider it an expensive mistake that I ever contacted this company and I plan to end my relationship with it as soon as I am able. I will say that for 2x the price of a normal internet connection, I am getting pretty decent service. The element of false pretenses on their part is still present. I explained what I intended to use it for.


I am interested in anything that comes up with a lawsuit. I am currently fighting with them right now. We have had service for about 2.5 weeks and just called to cancel service and they are trying to say that I have to pay a $300+ fee, when I was told that I had a 30 day trial period. Totally crazy to have bad service for a couple of weeks and them try to charge me for 2 years!!

Hi @lminesin,

Sorry about the bad experience you’ve had. I can see that your technical issue is being worked in this other thread you created a few hours ago: Terrible Service?

I just ran a test from your modem and I’m seeing great speeds, so I believe the technical problems regarding speeds could be due to Wi-Fi issues, which is solvable.

Our Forum team is dedicated to providing technical support, so we are happy to continue troubleshooting your issue until your internet experience improves.



Please tell me why my modem gets so hot you can’t even touch it

Public note to moderators, @Mgetridge’s modem issue is being worked here: Modem temperature

Here we are again , internet in and out and says I have used 70% of high speed. There is nothing high speed about it. I have been off the internet last few days because it don’t work. I’m so sick of it

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I just received my return shipping box to send my equipment back to Viasat. I cannot offer any advice except to ask Viasat for a full refund!
My Starlink is running very well, the performance has been outstanding. However, bad weather can temporarily interrupt or slow down service. But it returns quickly to full service as the sky clears. I would recommend Starlink if you’re ok with spending the money and have a clear look at the northern sky. (Starlink needs to face the northern sky).
As I mentioned before, The T-moblie hotspot I tested for 30 days is also a great option. I tested it using email, downloading documents and Microsoft Team meetings. It performed well for me, and was not really affected by weather. I would have stayed for T-Mobile if my boss had not directed me to get Starlink.

Hope this helps,

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