Class Action lawsuit info

If anyone ever goes forward with a class action lawsuit, please let me know. I have diligently been trying to return my equipment since Sept 22 2023, and per my records of phone calls and emails they have attempted to send me a return box 4 times. 3 to my street address and 1 to my mom’s address which is a 45 min drive from my house. Today I received an email that I was being charged $318 for unreturned equipment. I immediately called and after an hour on the phone and talking to the agent, supervisor and manager was told there was nothing they could do until they received the equipment. The manager stated they had a 3 box attempt before they could refund without the equipment and conviently their system shows only 2 boxes have been attempted. It appears all the other call notes are non existent on their end. Additionally the 2 attempts that they show a box being sent are 3 days before I evencancelled the service and on 1/9, A day that I have not spoken to anyone. Their advice to me “if I needed the money” to call my back and dispute the charge. A quick google search reveals that this is a common issue with this company, I wonder whose pocket that $318 goes into?

Hi @Peepers0405,

Sorry about this experience. I see that the original issue was because your shipping address was a PO box and they couldn’t send a box to a PO box address, I also see that another box is currently being shipped.

Our Forum team focuses on troubleshooting technical issues, but I will check with our materials management team to get a tracking number and to follow-up on the shipment of your box. I will send you a private message to reconfirm that we have the right shipping address on file.

Once again sorry about this experience, we are working to improve our processes and this Forum helps us gather learnings on ways to improve our service for all our customers.