Can't stay connected to Viasat

Can’t stay connected to Viasat. Unable to stay connected to my wifi thermostat, wifi outlet, and my spouse is unable to connect her Kindle to the wifi. Had to go to friends house to connect to Kindle. Becoming very frustrating. Please help troubleshoot.

Hi @senner.del,

Sorry about this experience.

I noticed that you ran a Speed Check yesterday over the Viasat Wi-Fi, specifically using the Wi-Fi network that starts with “vsat-24g”, so I was wondering if you tried connecting those devices to the other Wi-Fi network that your Viasat modem is advertising? This one should start with “vsat-5g” - I would recommend to try first on the Kindle, and if you encounter a particular issue, could you please describe it with more detail?

I also noticed that in many of your Speed Check results there is a pretty big discrepancy between the speeds on your device and the speeds on your modem, which could indicate a Wi-Fi signal/coverage issue. See your latest result below.

When you get a chance, could you please run another complete speed diagnosis on Speed Check? But, this time please stand next to your Viasat modem to see if the speed discrepancy goes away.



Did try to connect Kindle using 5g and was unable. Kindle keep saying wifi not connected. Went to friends house to connect and successfully downloaded new book. I did run new speed test sitting right next to modem which appeared to be lower than when I’m sitting upstairs in the kitchen. next to modem 101.8 download and 5.03 upload / upstairs 145.47 download and 5.00 upload.

Today my wifi thermostat reconnected after being disconnected for several days. It periodically drops off and comes back on. Tried connecting Kindle again, no luck.


Hi @senner.del

You mean the tests on January 16 when your device was receiving 17.05 Mbps and 13.36 Mbps, right?

Do you recall the distance exactly between your device and the modem?

Also, on January 10 your device speed tests were a lot higher:

Do you recall if you were running those tests upstairs or right by the modem as well?

Did you run them on the exact same device?

The distance from modem was 1-2 ft. Max on Jan 16. On Jan 10 I was on the main level one floor up from modem using the same device.

Hi @senner.del

When you said you were unable to connect to the 5Ghz network, were you near the modem as well? Could you send us a picture of the error your Kindle is getting when trying to connect to that network?

The 2.4Ghz channels can’t support high speeds very well and it seems you have many devices on Wi-Fi. The 2.4Ghz channel is shared which will reduce the speed to individual devices when actively shared.

By the way @senner.del ,

An external router such as this one – TP-Link AC1200 Gigabit WiFi Router Archer A6 – could improve the Wi-Fi coverage in your house.

If you acquire that router or a similar one, the Wi-Fi coverage in your house would improve and the speeds on your devices could be as good as the speeds on your modem.

Thanks for the recommendation about the external router. I’m not very tech savvy. A few questions if you don’t mind before I order the recommended router. Would this external router replace the white box that viasat provided or would it plug into this white box? Or does this external router connects wirelessly to the white box and I place the external router away from the viasat box in my house to boost the signal?



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Hi again @senner.del

From the picture you sent, it looks as though your VSAT-5G network doesn’t have enough of a strong signal to connect.

Have you tried using the network below, the VSAT-24G?

2.4 Ghz channels are usually best for long distance, or obstacles (walls, corridors, doors, furniture etc).

She has always been able to connect her kindle via the 2.4 until recently. She has tried several times in the last month and unable to connect unless she goes to a friend’s house. Several of my WiFi devices are not staying connected.

Hi @senner.del

The external Router would be plugged into Viasat’s white Modem.

You can also use a wireless Repeater/Range Extender to duplicate the signal for distant rooms, or a Wi-Fi Mesh Router.

These are all different things, so it can get a bit confusing. :confused:
You can read more about the differences and choose which one makes more sense in your specific case:

Normal Routers vs Wi-Fi MESH Routers

Wi-Fi MESH vs Repeater (Range Extender)

Repeater (Range Extender) vs Normal Routers

Hi @senner.del

When you try to connect the Kindle on the 2.4 network, do you receive the exact same error as shown in your last picture?