Can't even use the service we are paying $226.67 for a month for years now


Hi @burnsfamfour ,

We are very sorry for the bad experience. We’re already investigating your issue, once we have any updates we’ll let you know.

A few pieces of information that might help us investigate:

  1. When did you notice the drop in your speeds and overall quality of service?
  2. Does it affect all of your usage or just specific actions like streaming videos?


We have had bad spotty service ever since the beginning. We keep paying every month hoping everything‘s going to get better because that’s what they said eventually everything will get faster or even connect at all. I have a little at home. Verizon hotspot is the only way we can do computers download anything we can’t do it on the visa either of the 25 or 24G.

Hi @burnsfamfour ,

Could you please run an advanced speed test? The advanced speed test shows speeds from your modem, as follows:

1 - Open the Viasat browserthis test won’t work on other browsers;
2 - Go to this website: Viasat Speed Check | Home
3 - Log in using your My Viasat account
4 - Run the test
5 - Download the results (or take a screenshot)
6 - Send me the results in a direct message

If possible, could you run the advanced test from more than one device? Preferably, a desktop or laptop alongside a phone test if you can.


Hi @burnsfamfour ,

It seems your Viasat modem was not detected.

Are you using a router besides the Viasat-provided one?

If not, could you please ensure that you are using the Viasat Browser, log out from your account, log back in, and run it once again?


|### Tue, Aug 29, 10:22 AM (10 days ago)

|to Viasat


What is your solution to our continuous and ongoing lack of service? We would like to be compensated for our lack of service provided to us over the past few years. Please advise! We rare continuing to not have adequate coverage for my children to do their home work and this is in absolutely unacceptable.

Thank you Lisa B
|10:25 AM (2 minutes ago)||

|to Viasat

Can’t even use the service we are paying $226.67 for a month for years now) didn’t work.

I sent this a few weeks ago and it said the email did not go through…


I’m now sending in the Viasat Browser…

Please HELP I need a refund for the horrible service we have received

for YEARS… AND i have to use the VIASAT browser with my VERIZION HOT SPOT, just ti send a message… Im becoming Very Frustrated… Please advise! Thank you

Hi, @burnsfamfour,

It seems you were using another internet provider, or maybe you were using a VPN, during the last test you sent us:

When you’re connected to your Viasat browser you should see “Viasat” in the speed check app, like this:


Please, could you try again and send us the results, as Leo explained above?

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for your cooperation!