Can't do Teams/Zoom Calls

I have very slow internet speeds, and can’t do Teams/Zooms calls for work using the video. I have plenty of data, so that’s not the issue. I have read the various chat forum exchanges so attach the results from the speed test (using the Viasat browser) and the test. How I get tech support?

Hi @Markwhitelewis

Sorry to hear about your bad experience with the Viasat Service.
I couldn’t reproduce your bad speeds on our side.

Can you clarify some questions for me to try to troubleshoot your issue?

1 - I see a difference in your speed test from Viasat and the one from Fast, were those made in the same moment/device?
2 - Do you have connectivity issues all day long or at specific times of the day?
3 - Do you have issues connecting to any service or more specifically Teams/Zoom?


Thanks for your reply. In answer to your questions:

  • the Viasat speed test and the test were made at the same time (or one right after the other), and on the same device;
  • Connectivity issues are all the time.
  • The connectivity issues affect all services. Internet is slow to load, streaming is almost unusable with the buffering every 5 minutes or so, and for the Teams/Zoom I can’t use video. I only mentioned the Teams/Zoom to give a better idea of the impaired functionality of the connection.



Teams and Zoom meetings will not work reliably with Viasat due to the high latency. Your download speeds are not the problem.

Hi, @Markwhitelewis,

I sent you a reply on the other topic you created.

That issue with the internet is since the start of your contract or did it started to happen recently?

I saw that your service area had a bad signal during the past few days because of the weather, which might have affected your signal. Now that specific issue is gone, so can you try running again speeds tests from and our speed check app?