Can't connect to Wifi

Put my Viasat modem in bridge mode and attempted to connect an additional Wi-Fi router. The router didn’t work and now I can’t access my wifi network. It’s not even visable. How do I disable bridge mode if I don’t have access to the network? I tried multiple reboots with no luck.

Hi @latonya

I’ve disabled bridge mode in your modem. It will take about 15 – 20 mins to take full effect since the modem has to go through reboot cycles.

After it’s back online, we can help you set up the other Router if you’d like :slight_smile:

Hi @latonya

Your modem is out of bridge mode, but our tools still can’t find it active on the system.

Have you unplugged the external router from it, and rebooted the modem either before or after?

Yes I’ve unplugged the external rrouter and rebooted the modem several times. Even contacted customer support and they rebooted the modem also.

All right @latonya , can you physically unplug the modem from the outlet, wait about 5 minutes, then plug it back in (without the router)?

Unplugged modem multiple times and this didn’t work. I’m still unable to connect to network

Hi @latonya

You can no longer see the network on the Wi-Fi list, correct?
Can you connect a laptop via direct cable to the modem?

Let’s try to check if your Wi-Fi is set to Private:

1 - Type in your browser address bar and hit enter.


2 - Click Wi-Fi settings in the navigation menu and log in using the default username and password.

3 - On the “create a new password” screen, check the SSID BROADCAST.


If your Wi-Fi is Private, it’s invisible in the list of available networks. The only way to access the Private network is by knowing the NETWORK NAME (SSID), which you can configure as shown in the pictures.

You can set the Wi-Fi back to Public to see it on the list of networks on any device.

I’m attaching the Viasat Welcome Guide to this message. You can use it as a reference for changing your network configurations, whenever needed.

See also: How to Change your WiFi Modem/Gateway Network Password | Viasat Help

EasyStart_Welcome_Guide.pdf (942.5 KB)