Can't connect and white pulsing light

Many users have experienced network outages accompanied by a “pulsing light” on their modem. This refers to the Surfbeam 2 Modem, which has an LED status indicator ring on its side that pulses when “attempting network entry” as stated here: Viasat Residential Internet Help.


In general, this is an indication that the modem is unable to connect to the satellite network. Some of the possible causes for this are documented here: Why Is My Viasat Modem Blinking White? (5 Possible Reasons) - Internet Access Guide. Billing and account issues can also cause the blinking white light on the Surfbeam 2 modem.

This worked:
Turn on Airplane Mode
Count to 10
Turn off Airplane Mode
The end.

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Thanks, but it wasn’t my idea. Another person on this thread deserves the credit. They tried it and it worked for them. I tried it and it worked for me to. The main thing is that it resolved the situation, now y’all need to figure out why it worked and why the error happened in the first place.

Hi @Linda_Hazelwood,

You had a white pulsing light on your modem?

Were none of your devices able to connect or just the phone in which you did this below?



It was all devices that were connected to that router. After I did the airplane mode trick, all devices started connecting again. Still don’t understand why, but hey, it worked! Good luck with whatever methods you try.

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