Cannot upgrade due to system errors

I called viasat twice last week and tried to upgrade the plan to 300 GB per month since I have family coming in and out of our house.

They said they had system errors on their end.

I am in a problem because they will not switch our plan to the 300 GB that I asked for twice.
It said that they had to get a new router.

Right now our router is doing fine. But we are on the plan of 100 GB a month and it is not enough to get for my family since they want to use our internet all the time.

Please help me out by emailing me.

I would like an answer to my problem so I can either find a new internet provider or complain to Viasat again.

Hi, @Jsteeletech44,

Thanks for your message, and sorry for the bad experience.

I’m escalating that issue now, as soon as I have some feedback I’ll let you know.

Hi, @Jsteeletech44,

As you mentioned, there was an issue with an internal system, so it was not possible to upgrade your plan.

The team is working to fix that as soon as possible, sorry for the inconvenience.

When I have more information and an estimated time for the issue to be fixed I’ll let you know.

Hi, @Jsteeletech44,

I still have not received an update on the issue.

I see that the cycle just renewed and you have priority data for now, but, please, before you run out of priority data, in case this issue is not yet solved, let me know here in the forum.


Hi, @Jsteeletech44,

I see that the issue was solved and you upgraded successfully.

If you find any other issues, please let us know.

For now, I’ll close this topic, but feel free to create a new one if needed.