Cannot connect to work site via viasat

Hi @davidlee ,

First, I’d like to apologize for the tardiness, as I understand how frustrating this has been for you. We somehow missed your last reply, which is why I’m only responding now.

Regarding the solved topic, it was thought at the time that the issue was solved, but since it wasn’t, the solution marker has since been removed. With that said, you should still be able to post to a solved topic, so we’ll investigate why you couldn’t post it.

I’ve reached out to our team and expedited the request for a fix. They had to factory reset your router (just for clarity, router here means the Viasat router part of your Viasat modem, not your personally owned one, as we cannot perform any commands on it). Our conclusion is that this might be an issue caused by using the Viasat modem as a router and also using an external router along with it.

When customers wish to use their own routers with the Viasat Modem, the recommendation is that you put your Viasat modem on bridge mode (this makes it function only as a modem), that way you can configure the router settings freely and according to your needs on the external router without interference. Here’s an article with more information about bridge mode and how to activate it on your Viasat router: Do I need to put my router in bridge mode?

If you are unsure of which modem type you have, refer to this forum article: Which type of Viasat modem do I have?

Please confirm if everything is working properly now. If you face this issue again or any new issue, don’t hesitate to reach out again and we’ll be more than happy to help.