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I pay extra each month to have up to 500GB available for work related tasks using common applications. If at all possible, this option is even slower than the normal slow Viasat speeds. I don’t know how this business can advertise as ‘high speed’ internet, it is anything but. No matter what I try on my end, data disappears quickly and I feel like most of my priority data is used waiting for responses from the internet.

Hi, @klschoolcraft,

Thanks for your message!

I’m investigating about the speeds now.

As for the data, if you give us your consent we can look at your usage to find out what’s happening, so we can provide recommendations or amend any problems that might be going on.


Does the slow speed affect every device/app? Does it happen the whole day?

I did some tests and I could not reproduce the bad speeds:

So, in order to check if you have any router issues, please run some speed tests from your modem, as described below:

1 - Open the Viasat browserthis test won’t work on other browsers;
2 - Go to this website: Viasat Speed Check | Home
3 - Log in using your My Viasat account
4 - Run the test (wait for both tests - modem and device - to complete)

By using the Viasat Browser and logging into our speed test app, we’ll be able to see some useful information from your network and also the test results.

Let me know once you’ve done the tests.

Is downloading the Viasat browser using my prioriity gigs? I’m not wasting priority speeds to download your browser which is super slow from previous downloads.

During the day the speed is up and down, first thing in the morning access is slow, then late in afternoon throughout the evening is ridiculous. There are times when I can’t even connect to a website because the connection is so slow the activity times out.

Hi, @klschoolcraft,

Is downloading the Viasat browser using my prioriity gigs?

Yes, the installer has around 1MB in size, and during the installation it might download a couple more MBs

I’m not wasting priority speeds to download your browser which is super slow from previous downloads.

Ok, I understand. I know that downloading a browser just to run a speed test is not that great. However, that’s the only way we have to measure (in a single test) both the speeds from your device and the speeds from your modem.

Are you using Wi-Fi or a wired connection? If you’re using Wi-Fi, by running that test as I mentioned above we could check if you have any issues with the router, and ship you a new one if needed.

If you decide not to download the Viasat browser for the tests, that’s ok. In that case, please send us a screenshot of a speed test result.


Speed test from Karen Schoolctaft via Via sat . I have ‘Work from home’ add on.

My speed test from 10/9/23

Hi @klschoolcraft,

I noticed you are out of priority data. So we added 30 GBs of extra data (free-of-charge) to your account - please ignore any emails you receive saying that you purchased this data.

We hope that you can use this data to download the Viasat Browser and be able to run some complete speed diagnoses on it. The benefit of running a complete diagnosis it that it lets us compare the speeds from your device to the speeds from your modem at a given time - which can help reveal Wi-Fi signal issues.

Here are some instructions to run a complete speed diagnosis: How to run a speed test from my modem?



Hi @klschoolcraft,

I was revisiting this topic and realized you ran some tests where we can observe a big discrepancy in speeds from the device and speeds from the modem, which can indicate that there is a Wi-Fi signal issue:

How far from your modem were you at the time you ran the test? Could you please run another test on the same device but this time standing next to your modem? That way we can fully validate the Wi-Fi issue and provide a recommendation.



I was 10 feet from the modem.

I ran 3 more speedtests this morning standing right on top of the modem. Results were dismal. By the way, I’ve never seen modem speeds as fast as you show in your stats.

Either way, Viasat is not providing results as expected. What is next steps.

Hi @klschoolcraft,

Given that we consistently see way better speeds on the modem (compared to your devices) we can conclude that this is a Wi-Fi signal issue. An external router such as this one (TP-Link AC1200 Gigabit WiFi Router - Archer A6 ) could improve the Wi-Fi coverage in your house.

If you get that router or a similar one, the Wi-Fi coverage in your house would improve and the speeds on your devices could be as good as the speeds on your modem.