Buffering while streaming

I’m experiencing buffering issues again while streaming. I’m getting speeds of 2.9 upload and 27 download. A week or 2 ago I had upload speeds of 4 and 37 download. Any suggestions on what I can do to get the upload speeds back like it was? Thanks.

Hi @darrylphylicia

Regarding the upload speeds, all Viasat plans only offer up to 3Mbps, so we can’t really do anything to raise upload speeds, unfortunately.

Regarding the download speeds, your account is very healthy, and your modem speeds are good (either close to, or over, the max 100Mbps of your plan).

I see that on most recent tests, your device speeds are low.

This can mean either: 1) a Wi-Fi issue; 2) or just too much distance/too many obstacles between your device and the modem.

Are you running the tests always from the same device and location? Do you know the approximate distance between the used device and the modem?

Also, I see that you haven’t run any more SpeedChecks since March 14th.

Could you run a few today, to see if the device speeds have gotten worse overall? Especially during the moments when you notice a slower connection.

For reference, your modem speeds right now:

Good evening. Been out of town, but back. Still having buffering issues while streaming. My Hitron router is approximately 15ft from the first tv and maybe 45ft from the second tv. I’ve recently ran a speed test hard wired directly from the modem to my laptop. Any suggestions on how I this can be fixed. Thanks.

Wondering if I need to start a new thread?

Hi @darrylphylicia

Have you run any tests on fast.com when you experienced the buffering issues?

Hi @darrylphylicia

Are you still experiencing speed issues? I saw your last few results, and they seem good:

I also tested your modem speeds right now:

Everything appears to be working fine right now. Thanks.


Hi, @darrylphylicia,

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll mark this topic as closed, but feel free to reach us again if you find any other issues.

Sounds good. Thanks.

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