Buffering Delays

Hello @tarcaro67 ,

I just ran a speedtest from your modem remotely and got these fast results:


There are multiple possible explanations for why you are having vides streaming problems and seeing a low download speed (8 Mbps versus my 122 Mbps) so let’s try to work through them. I think there are two things we should do at immediately.

  1. I noticed you have Video Data Extender enabled. See this post Should I enable Video Data Extender? for an explanation of this “feature” and how you can disable it. I would recommend disabling it at least as a test to see if your Netflix (or other streaming service) continues to buffer. If disabling it, improves things then we can talk about other ways to make your priority data last longer without sacrificing your experience.

  2. If you are able to run a speedtest that runs both speed from the device and speed from the modem at the same time by using the Advanced tab on Speedcheck.viasat.com, that will help us know where to look next to root cause your download speed issue (the 8 Mbps number) from your device. See this forum post for steps on how to run Speedtest from your Modem.