BritBox buffering and dropouts

Whenever I watch BritBox I get a lot of buffering and dropouts. If I immediately switch to another network that network is fine. This behavior is very consistent and holds true no matter what other network I switch to. Any ideas why Britbox buffers and drops out while other networks are fine?

Hi @bagster ,

When you say “If I immediately switch to another network that network is fine”, are you referring to another internet provider or another streaming service? Could you kindly clarify for us?

In any case, as I can see you are part of the Data Saver feature, I will adjust your feature to a slightly faster speed (4.5Mbps). Could you please test it via and then try Britbox again?


Hi Leonardo,
I switch to another streaming service through Viasat.

I had requested a switch to 4.5Mbps and was told that I was switched to that rate on 22 December. Do you show that is not the case?


Hi @bagster

We did set you to 4.5 Mbps on December 22 and our tools indicate that you have been at this rate ever since. I accidentally wrote down that you were using another speed rate in January, my apologies. :confused:

You can double-check on to be sure.

As for the buffering when using Britbox, this seems to be a common issue with the app. Have you experienced any other streaming sites buffering?

Britbox’s support team suggests that users instead use the Britbox channel inside the Amazon Prime Video app.

By the way, you can also check whenever Britbox is having some downtime (probably not the cause, but good to know nonetheless). :slight_smile:

Thanks for all of that information Nathalia. If I recall viasat’s data saver does not work with Amazon Prime unless that has changed. So if I use that network to watch BritBox there goes my data consumption.

Hi @bagster

True, and you can’t set the video quality yourself on Amazon due to the Visio TV right? :frowning_face:

If every other streaming platform isn’t buffering/dropping as frequently as Britbox then this may (hopefully) be a temporary issue with Britbox itself.

Have you been using it mostly from the app or the website?