Bring back data extender... very disappointed!

I am STUNNED at how drastically my data usage has changed with no behavior change on my part. I am doing nothing differently. My average data usage has quadrupled, and I would consider myself a “light” internet users.

The removal of the data extender toggle with NO WARNING is just a terrible way to treat paying customers. It makes the product entirely unsatisfactory for my purposes, and I am researching alternatives like Starlink. Why would I continue with a product that was satisfactory for me for so long, but now I’m forced to pay high dollar for more data. Nope.

NOT TO MENTION that “unlimited” standard data is a joke and the speeds are entirely unrealistic for modern internet usage. That is not a solution and it is laughable that it is sold as part of Viasat plans.

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@drape.sally We are sorry for your bad experience – we are sending you a private message with more information about the Data Saver Feature Experiment. Hopefully it will help.

The customer was added to the data saver experiment.