Billing/customer service

791$ for less than two months for a plan 119$ a month with charges for phone without having phone service , then charged customer service fee the same price as phone because I wasn’t paying for phone I cant use and asked to remove it! Id rather have someone actually fix the crap and be able to use it!
If I’m paying 300 for less than a month of service, I should at the least have excellent customer service and great Internet
Customer service hangs up several times 16 in one day to be exact!!!

Hello @jonettareed1

I apologize for this experience you’re having with Viasat.

I saw your two other topics with similar messages, but I’ll reply on this one to keep things organized.

From what I can see, your Viasat Voice service was only $45.16 for the March 15th bill, and was not present in your April 15th bill. You also have had the add-ons EasyCare ($9.99) and Office Hours ($40) for the last few months, and your bills are also charging for the partial months when you switched from previous plans (Choice 50/100, Choice 75/150).

Do you currently have your invoice at hand? I believe the information listed inside the invoice is very accurate.

Here on the Forum, we don’t deal with Billing and Account issues like this in-depth – we’re focused on technical issues only. I believe with the invoice in hand, you could better understand the services and the breakdown of information.

If you still have any doubts, please check with Customer Care for Residential Customers at 855-463-9333 about the services and add-ons you currently have (or had) linked to your account.