Bandwidth Issues

I have no problem with using most apps an we’ve had viastat for roughly 3yrs now and upgraded plans twice. This semester I’m unable to use the lockdown browser required by my school for tests. It says bandwidth issue… We just had a tech come out an correct dish position today and I was hoping that would help - it didn’t.

I’m using the ethernet cable and still can’t do it. Browser support says it’s the internet connection, school tech support says it might be the modem. I’m a stay at home mom (to a 1yr old) with no support system, I really need to figure out a way to take my tests. Please help!

Hi, @hhurd91,

Thanks for your message! I’m taking a look at that now.

Could you provide some more details?

  • Please send us a screenshot of the error message you see in the LockDown browser
  • What is the browser version? Instructions here: How to determine the version number for LockDown Browser.
  • What OS are you using? (e.g.: Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • The issue is currently only affecting the LockDown browser, right?


I’m using version and just checked that its fully updated & using a windows laptop that is less that a year old at this point. The problem is only with lockdown at this time, otherwise everything seems to work as normal. Attached is a photo of the error message since I can’t actually screenshot while using the app.

Also I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling lockdown, using compatibility mode within the browser, resetting my laptop, unplugging everything else in the house that has an internet connection and before the techs visit rebooting the modem. Also the laptop is up to date and I’ve tried on a different laptop as well with the same issue. I’m running out of ideas.

This is after the second try each, each time I get the same two messages. I’ve probably tried a cpl hundred times in the past two weeks. Different weather, times of day, ect.

Hi, @hhurd91,

Thanks for the pictures and information.

You tried using Wi-Fi and a wired connection, and saw the same error in both cases, right?

Please, one more request: could you run a modem speed test and send me the results?

Here are the instructions:
1 - Open the Viasat browserthis test won’t work on other browsers;
2 - Go to this website: Viasat Speed Check | Home
3 - Log in using your My Viasat account
4 - Run the test
5 - Download the results (or take a screenshot)
6 - Send me the results in a direct message

I think I managed to message you last night. Let me know if it didn’t go through lol… New to the forum

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Hi, @hhurd91,

Yes, I received your message, thanks.

That’s very strange. The speed should be enough for the Lockdown browser. I’ve found some references online saying 10Mbps is all that it takes to work properly.

You mentioned that this semester you started to have issues with that software, right?

Did you start to use it this semester? Or were you using it before and started to experience the problems this semester?

I’ve been using it 2 or 3 years now - since covid lockdowns changed test protocols. I only had problems with it when the internet gets wonky due to storms or hitting the data cap. We even went up two data plans since last semester.

I see, thanks.

Would you be able to recall what changed since you started experiencing the issue? Was it after any update in the Lockdown browser?

Does it happen if you try to use the Lockdown browser at any time, including less congested hours (e.g.: morning, afternoon)?

For instance, I did a speed test now and the speeds look good:

I’ve tried to look at Respondus docs, but it was not very helpful. From what I could find the speeds you have should be more than enough for that browser. Do you know if the latest browser version has any limitations regarding internet latency?

I finished spring semester and didn’t try it again until the 23rd or 24th of last month when fall semester started. Lockdown did update before I could use it and I tried to ask their customer support about any changes but they were even more unhelpful then there articles. I asked (nicely) to be passed up the chain and got ghosted. It is probably due to the update, I’m just trying figure out a fix on yall’s end because my internet choices are limited to Viasat, HughsNet and Starlink. I’d rather stay with yall if I can just cause its simpler then hoping another provider would work.

We also added the Disney Plus data saver thing that you guys have now before I tired using lockdown again. Would that be having any effect on bandwidth speeds?

I never used that browser, but from what I understood you need to get a link from your institution to download it, right?

What if you ask them to give you the previous version of the software? You could explain to them that there is a chance the latest version has a bug, preventing you from connecting the webcam, which did not happen with the previous version.

Or perhaps you still have the previous version installer on your machine? If that’s the case, you could try uninstalling the latest version and then installing the previous one.

But before uninstalling, please make sure you won’t lose any data by doing that. As I mentioned, I don’t know much about that software, so those are just general suggestions. Your institution’s LMS administrator can provide more details about it.

About the Disney Plus (Viasat Stream), it does not impact the bandwidth.

Yes, they provide the link. I’ll call tech support again in the morning an see what they can do since we’ve ruled out issues on this end. I appreciate you being so helpful about all this. One last question though, LMS admin? I’m old, what does LMS stand for so I know who to talk to if general IT can’t help.

Hi, @hhurd91,

The LMS (Learning Management System) admin is responsible for the e-learning platform. I guess that’s the same person/office that sends you the download links.

If you need more help just let us know.