Aria2210 Not connecting

I have called a total of 7 or more times in the last 4 days. I have unplugged, reset it, and even removed wires and replaced them. I havent had consistent internet it keeps cutting out and i csnt keep spending time on the phone. Then the customer service agent told me he recommended a technician because it keeps happening and says itll be $95 or some sort of subscription thats $10 a month in order to get help. This equipment is not mine. If its not working properly I shouldn’t be the one responsible for the cost of soemine coming out to diagnose it because I rent the equipment. If i were to cancel I’d have to give it back so why is there a service fee for the work in your equipment. Id understand like having to pay for a new one if one got ruined via spills or whatever but its put up and away from anything like that. I shouldnt have to pay even more to have working internet. Im tempted to cancel because i still cant got more than a couple hours without having to unplug or reset the entire thing. Its blinking red and white telling us we have wifi without internet. I’m at my witts end.

Have you tried just using it with out the Aria attached? I personally had issues with that router which is documented both on here and by phone, Mine shorted out, And now I bought my own personal router which is much faster and has much more features that Viasat doesnt even have!

Hi @stking_97

Your modem is having a lot of network entries and drops, this may be why the agents recommended a service call.

However, I can see that this only started on March 16th, so I’m investigating whether you may have an antenna mispoint after the recent weather events.

It doesn’t seem that the ARIA is the cause (given that it’s your modem having drops), but it’s worth it to try and unplug all cables from the ARIA and use only the modem.

I have then it shows we have no internet at all.

I have but then it shows we have no internet at all. And my point is why should i pay for it to be fixed when its not my equipment. I agree a tech needs to come out but I shouldnt have to pay for it after I’ve dealt with so many calls and so much time trying to get it to work plus its not my equipment, I’mrenting it. The modem has show blue and the app even says there is nothing wrong with anything at all.

Hi @stking_97

I’ve sent you a private message here on the Forum. Please let me know if you don’t receive the notification. :slight_smile:

Sounds like they bridged the two together and without the arias being attached it is not showing the wifi signal from the Modem!

Hi again @stking_97

I saw that your tech visit was completed successfully a few days ago :tada:

How has your connection been since then?

Hi @stking_97

It looks like your setup no longer has any issues after the service call, so I’ll be marking this topic as Solved.

If you need any additional assistance, please let us know :wink: