Announcing the Data Saver Feature Experiment!

I just did the survey & now am replying to the thread. Can you tell me possibly when it will be added to my account please? Thanks :blush:

Hi @kelsdawn918 ,

We’re adding you to the Data Saver feature right now.

You’ll receive a private message later today with more details! :wink:

I would like to add data saver to my account please.

Hi @bushmaster18 ,

Your account is already on Data Saver.

Do you mean that you would like to change video quality speeds?

No, don’t change anything. It’s working fine. I forgot I already added data saver.

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Hi @bushmaster18 ,

Oh OK, no problem! We’ll keep your settings as they are. :wink:

I’m in the program and Disney+ is buffering a lot. Can you increase the throughput up one level?

Hi @Kmck,

Sorry about the slow reply.

I just raised your video speed to 4.5 Mbps. You can check this by running the video speed test on

Please let us know if this helps get rid of the buffering on Disney+



Hello. Please consider this my request to join the experiment. I have completed the survey and look forward to seeing if this helps our situation. Viasat Support Engineers have already adjusted the settings of my account, so I hope this will not adversely affect those changes. Our household seems to be burning through our allotted High Speed Data reserve at an alarming rate, so I am looking into any/all remedies.

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I am also burning through 150 gb of high speed data at an alarming rate. It takes about 3 weeks to use it all. 95% of our high speed data is used in the evening.

Hi @bushmaster18 , I see that your Data Saver video download speed is set to 5.5 Mbps which is the max – that might explain the higher data usage. Would you like to test the lower speeds such as 4.5 Mbps or 2.6 Mbps?

Hello @rc.constrn!

I’m adding you right now to the Data Saver feature experiment, and in another few minutes you will receive a private message with all the details :email: .

No thanks. I would rather have the quality instead of buffering all the time. I might use a little more data this way, but I can watch a movie without problems such as buffering.
Thank you.


Just filled out the paperwork, Joined the forums, Now I request to be added into this beta :), And please do start me at the highest rate you possibly can thank you!


Done, @Mannyrue,

I just activated the feature for you and sent you more details in a direct message.


Getting a average of 4.5 But will test in a bit when I jump on my tv and stream some stuff!

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I have submitted the survey and would like to participate if still available.

Thank you!

Got some micro lag at times, Be on the youtube app/tubi/ and the roku channel. Think I need to be bumped up a smidgen!

Hi @Mannyrue ,

I double-checked and your account has already been set to the highest rate available on Data Saver (5.5 Mbps).

WiFi has been working good the last few days but lots of buffering today. About every 15 seconds.