Always have slow speeds and you want to increase my price

I received a notice that my plan is being discontinued and you are moving me to a plan that cost’s $19.95 a month more. This will raise my bill to approximately $120 a month and i very rarely get more than 5 to 6mb of download speeds.
In my years with Viasat, I have never had great service, but being in rural North Carolina, satellite internet is my only option.
I am looking to move to Starlink as their speeds are much better that my neighbor is receiving average 50mb download speeds. We stream nothing to tv’s and such, just normal internet browsing and some youtube videos.
Here is the result of speedtest through Viasat Browser
Speedtest Screenshot

This is always been an issue with my service and had no other options, but now we do and I think I need to check those out as this is way to expensive for the service I am receiving

Ok we will take a look and let you know if we see any options to improve this situation.

Hi @jay9536c I ran a speed test from your modem and also see bad speeds, however I noticed that our “bad weather” warning is on. Could you please confirm if the weather is bad this morning?



Yes it is overcast and raining at the moment, but trust me it does not make any difference
I can post it again when weather clears to prove it, as in the past whenever i have complained over the years the fault usually is place on me or my equipment
I have NEVER had the speeds that the plan states I can get, very rarely does it ever get above 10mb

That’s not good. You should be seeing better speeds than that. And, to be honest, the weather doesn’t seem bad enough to explain the poor download speeds we are seeing so we suspect there is another issue to fix. That said, it will be easier to see it if we can reproduce the poor speeds when weather is better.

Thanks for your patience – hope to get to the bottom of this soon.

Rain stopped about 30 min ago, but still overcast
Here is a speedtest at the moment
Will run more later if the sky clears even more

Sad that the upload speed is more than download

Hi @jay9536c I ran another test from your modem and see better results now. If you don’t mind could you please run one more Speed Check test?

Also, if you could use the sharing feature to get the full results summary, that would be awesome:



I do not know what your seeing, it did pick up a little bit, but does not show any better on my end at 5.9 download from modem

Will be gone for a couple hours, will check back in when I get back home here

Hi @jay9536c, I just doubled checked and confirmed that I’m running tests from the right modem. I ran two more tests and see these speeds below, seems like there is some strange fluctuation in your speeds.

I also took a look at the weather score for your network segment, which improved a lot but doesn’t look totally clear yet.

I will try to run some more reports on your modem, until then if you could run a few more tests every now and then using Speed Check that would really help. Your speeds will all be documented in the “Results History” tab of the app, just make sure to use the same device.



It seems to have increased, this is the best I have seen in awhile
I hope it will get better as I have never been near what the plan I pay for suggests
Weather is a bit overcast at the moment, but i will keep checking the speeds at random times

Hi Jay,

The Results history page is good for documenting variable speed issues…here’s an example:

Hope we can figure this out.

Here is latest test
I will run some through the night and post the history results tomorrow

Speed got a bit better late at night but has dropped again today
These less than 10mb are very normal for me, i rarely see speeds above the 10mb limit

Here is the history

Hi @jay9536c ,

We’re making an in-depth investigation to find out what could be causing the issue. As soon as we receive any updates I’ll get back to you.


Leo I appreciate it as if you look at my history over the years with Viasat speed has always been an issue.
Unfortunately I do have a neighbor that installed Starlink and he averages well over 50mb download speeds pretty consistently. The big downside is the upfront cost, but over the years and never streaming anything but the occasional YouTube videos, i have had to keep increasing my plans to not run out of bandwidth.
My Wife and I are in our 60’s and do not do much more than web browsing and news reading. And now with the notice that i am being moved to a plan that will up my cost another $20 a month and still be limited on download capability, it does make your competitors $120 a month for unlimited use more appealing.
I hope something can be figured out as I have had to put up with the problems because there was no other options except Hughes, and I try to stay loyal but it is getting harder to accept the answer that it is my equipment.
Hoping for a cure

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Hi @jay9536c ,

We’re looking into this matter with our personnel and considering our options for best helping you, we’ll try to get back to you tomorrow with an update on this. I am very sorry for the delay!



I appreciate your efforts, I just ran a test through 2 different locations and sppeds are decent. I am no sure what I am supposed to be getting with my plan, but as I have said before i usually never see speeds above 4mb to 5MB, so these test today is a good improvement. Not sure if someone did something but it has increased. I will keep an eye on it the next few days and keep you posted. Hope you have a great Easter


Hi @jay9536c,

Sorry for the slow reply. I’m checking again on the escalation Leo did to see if we can do anything about the plan change.

I ran a test from your modem today, and the speeds as of 12:34pm EST look like this:

How have the speeds been looking on your side since the last time you posted?

Thanks for your patience,



I do not know if someone did something or fixed something but i have to agree the speeds seem to be holding up well.
They have never been this good or consistent.
I will keep and eye on them and checking them every so often and make sure they stay, if something drops again I will post here and let you and Leo know
Thanks for the help so far, I appreciate it.