Almost no internet everyday

My internet goes to 90 for two minutes when I reset it then it’s back to 60 maybe 70 which you can not watch a movie or get on Internet. I have sppeed test to prove my internet is slow but they are charging me more when I cant use it most of the time. Idk need to cancel it as easy as possible. Any suggestions?

Hi @powellbridget

I messaged you a few times on your public topic this month, but I believe you missed these notifications.

As I mentioned in Several weeks issue - #6 by Nathalia

I have some new information regarding your issue.

While investigating your account, we identified a bad weather event on April 11th that seems to have caused many problems with your setup.

Your antenna is misaligned, and your modem is suffering offline events due to this, along with bad signal quality. You might want to consider attempting a self-repoint.

You can find information about self-repoints here: Can I repoint my Viasat antenna on my own?

If a self-repoint doesn’t sound viable, then we can look into scheduling a technician visit to fix your setup and improve your experience.

As you’ve mentioned being disabled, can I go ahead and request this service call to fix your mispoint and your service?

If you’d rather schedule this yourself, you can call Customer Care (855-463-9333) and speak with one of the agents. They will see the mispoint notification on the system and request a service call right away.

Hi @powellbridget

I’ve messaged you again on Several weeks issue - #15 by Nathalia

I’ll be closing this topic, as it’s a duplicate.