After data limits the speed is so slow that we cannot even watch tv

I am so frustrated. I signed up a little over a month ago and the first 10 days were fine until I went over on data. ( Of course when I spoke with customer service before committing, I was told that 100 should be enough to last all month). Anyway, I understood that speeds would slow down but I did not understand that the buffering would be so bad that we are unable to watch tv usually from about 6 pm to midnight. If I had known this I never would have signed a contract. I called customer support and after strongly expressing my displeasure I was told that I needed to buy a plan with more data. I refused and was told “well, you get what you pay for”. I completely lost my temper with that guy and he transferred me to someone else. He told me that my speeds were fine but he would send a tech out in a few days. After talking to my husband I called back and canceled because I was not going to take another day off work for them to tell me that I needed to buy more data. We are looking for another provider that will serve our rural area and we’ll just pay to get out of our contract if we cannot resolve this issue.

I’m not even sure what the upload and download speeds should be and the only device that we use with this service is our tv.

Hi @Southweststalls4u ,

We are very sorry for the bad experience you are having, we’ll do our best to help.

We’ll keep monitoring the speeds you reported, but in the meantime, could you try running a few advanced speed checks, which show the speeds from your modem as well, throughout the day? Ideally, some when you’re experiencing bad speeds and some when you’re not.

These results will provide us with more information that we can use to pinpoint where the problem might be. You can find detailed instructions on how to do that in this article: How to run a speed test from my modem?


Totally understandable reaction - we’re sorry for your bad experience. Hope that it will help a little if we credit your account 30 GBs while we look into this.

Thank you and I will start sending speed tests when I get home from work today. I appreciate that y’all are trying to help.

Thanks for your help documenting the speeds @Southweststalls4u, our team added 30 GBs of data (free-of-charge) to your account.

I received an email saying that I would be billed for the extra data on my next statement. Can you make sure that is straightened out?


I have been testing my speeds but I am having trouble testing from the modem. My speeds are varying but I am really not sure what is considered a good speed. I downloaded the Viasat browser but I can’t seem to figure out how to test the modem speeds. Are you able to go into my history or do I need to send you screenshots?

Hello @Southweststalls4u, sorry you’re having issues checking speeds.

I took a look at your account with us and it seems you have a Choice 25 plan - this means, under perfect conditions, your speed tests should be pulling about 25 Mbps. Some variance is to be expected, but that’s the ballpark of what you should be seeing.

We aren’t able to access your testing history, therefore screenshots of your tests would be much appreciated. I see Leo sent you our Speed Check guide, so if you’ve already

  1. downloaded the Viasat browser
  2. Logged in using your My Viasat credentials

Then running the speed check in the Viasat browser should be all that’s left to go for all of the appropriate tests to be run. Could you let me know if you have had issues with any of these, as well as provide me screenshots of the tests you have already run so we can begin to analyze them?

Also, on the email you received regarding the extra data, those are automatically sent when extra data is added to your account. However, we have also given your account a credit for the same value as the data we added, and you should see no additional costs incurred.


Viasat is not good for cordcutting due to the low data limits and the throttling you’ll experience when you go over your priority data. Your best bet is to go with either Dish Network or Directv to watch TV.

@Southweststalls4u any luck documenting slow speeds over time and/or running speedtest from the modem? It would be great to see what your speeds look like at a few different times of the day:

Hoping we can help root cause your issue because the speeds you report above are not good enough to do much.

Note: I just ran a speedtest from your modem and I see the following speeds.

You should be getting speeds similar to this from your device.