$300 Gift Card Failure

I’ve tried to attach this to my previous post - appears closed by Admin. And strangely I am not permitted to post under Account and Billing Issues …???

Been trying to obtain the Free $300 Visa Gift Card Promised by Viasat when beginning new service November 2022. Per the program - after making payment for my 2nd month of service I was to recieve this gift card. Multiple calls. Assistance from Admins on this Forum. Even was contacted by a Manager from Viasat Corporate - Ashley - I believe her name, on February 6th. During the call she apologized for the problems and assured me the card was being mailed out and I would recieve it in 7 to 10 Business Days.

Today is March 11th. 33 calendar days have passed. Yes we had a Holiday and a few weekends. But seriously?
I Still have Not Recieved the Card. After my last post an Admin assured that the “right people were working on this”. Help. Please. I have been More than patient.

Hi @RealJohnGault ,

It’s terrible that you didn’t receive it yet. I’m reaching out to the responsible personnel once again so that they can verify what happened, once we have an update I’ll get back to you over here.

Once again, we’re very sorry for the bad experience!


Thanks again…I still have faith…


Is it possible to get in touch with “Ashley” - I believe was her name - in Corp Office?
On Feb 6 she Assured this issue was resolved.
I was recently informed by a Chat Rep that my original case or ticket was still open. That would make the age of the ticket 59+ days. I cant imagine any Service related company would allow this to go on half this long.
Can I please have a name ? Number ? and I will make the needed calls.

Its very clear - this is Only Important to me.

Hi @RealJohnGault ,

I am very sorry and I completely understand how frustrating this situation must feel for you. We’re doing our best to hasten the process so that your gift card is delivered as soon as possible, and I’ve pushed your request to be prioritized once more to the relevant personnel.

Once again, I deeply apologize for all this delay and waiting, and I hope we can bring good news soon!