<15 Mbps consistent download speeds on Choice 75 Mbps Plan

We’ve noticed a significant reduction in our download speeds in the last couple of months (as low as 4-5 Mbps compared to >50 Mbps in the past). We are well under our high speed data usage (still have 80 GB remaining). I have rebooted the modem multiple times with no improvements and have reduced the number of devices on the wifi network. Attached are the results of several speed tests run from the Viasat browser (screenshots and .csv downloaded from Results History page). Please advise if there is anything else we can check or if we need to have someone come out to check the satellite installation. Thank you in advance for your help!

speed-check-results 04sep23.csv (1.8 KB)

Hi @jediravenclaw,

I’m sorry to hear about this experience you’ve had with the Viasat Service.

I’m going to take a look at your case, but upon searching our system with the e-mail you are using here on the forum I couldn’t find anything.

Can you please share with me the e-mail you use for your MyViasat account?

Thank you,

Apologies, it’s email@email.com (message edited by admins to hide the email). Thanks!

Thank you!

I’ll take a look at our system and I’ll reach out back to you shortly.


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Were you able to take a look at our system? Our download speeds are still well below our averages from the past (> 50 Mbps). Thanks for any update you can give!

Hi @jediravenclaw,

Sorry about the slow reply. We took a look at your setup and everything seems to be working well. Speeds can often get slower around the peak busy period (evening hours) due to network congestion. At this time your speeds look like this:

Based on the speed check results you shared with us we can rule out any Wi-Fi issues, since we cannot observe any significant discrepancy between speeds from the device and speeds from the modem.

We will continue to analyze the network context of your account in order to determine if there is any plan change/configuration change that could help improve the speeds you are experiencing.

Thanks for your patience,


Hi @jediravenclaw,

Sorry for taking a while to reply.

Upon analyzing your problem for the last few days we came up with
a possible solution for you by changing the carrier your modem is related to.

We were able to make that change yesterday and after running some speed tests from your modem I see good results:

Could you check if you are able to perceive an improvement in your experience for the next few days and then reach back out to me?

Feel free to run some speed tests like you were doing before so we can keep track of your results over time. Don’t forget to use the ViasatBrowser and to be logged in.

Thank you,

It looks like we are getting expected speeds early in the day. From the tests we’ve run, download speeds drop significantly, sometimes as low as 1 Mbps, late in the afternoon and into the night. Please see screenshot of tests run over the last several days.

Hi @jediravenclaw ,

Upon checking on our system I saw that the process I mentioned to you of changing your carrier took longer than what I had mentioned before.

I see that your most recent result is from Monday, could you please keep running speed tests during this week, if possible at different moments of the day, for me to be able to analyze your current experience?

Please use the Viasat Browser and log in to your account so you are able to run the speed test from your modem.

You can let me know how does tests go.

Thank you,

Apologies for my delay in replying. I haven’t had access to the PC that is directly connected to the modem to be able to run accurate speed checks. I’ve run a few in the last couple of days. We are still getting very good speeds at times during the day. Speeds drop off in the evening/night hours as before but I will attempt to do more speed checks during those times so you have more data to use. Thanks!

Hi @jediravenclaw ,

Thank you very much for sharing those results. I understand that speeds are still being reduced in the evening, but would you say that your experience improved compared to before?